Why do we need a special law for TB patients?

Two years ago, in the spring of 2014, along with colleagues from the Association for the Support of Multidrug Resistant Tuberculosis Patients, we began to think and work on the first ever bill for patients with tuberculosis.  Why? Because we, at the Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation, have been striving, for the past 10 years, to […]

(Ro) Proiectul de lege privind măsurile de prevenire și control a tuberculozei a fost depus la Parlamentul României

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(Ro) Proiect de lege adresat pacientului cu tuberculoză din România, între două legislaturi

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The United Nations General Assembly has agreed to hold a High-Level Meeting on Tuberculosis in 2018

The signal that Tuberculosis is a real threat to the public health worldwide comes from the highest international organization that brings the states together on priority issues, the UN. The latest report published by the World Health Organisation on the upward trend of the TB incidence is alarming at least (http://www.who.int/tb/publications/global_report/en/). The increase of anti-microbial […]

(Ro) Parteneriatul StopTB a lansat “TB People”

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In March we honor and remember with gratitude the heroes of the fight against tuberculosis

On the evening of 24 March 1882, Robert Koch, physician and German scientist was presenting his new discovery – Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the bacteria which causes tuberculosis.   “If the importance of a disease for mankind is measured by the number of fatalities it causes, then tuberculosis must be considered much more important than those most […]

(Ro) Tuberculoza schimbă viaţa comunităţii

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The Romanian Government approved by Decision the National Strategy for Tuberculosis Control for 2015-2020

The Romanian Government approved by Decision the National Strategy for Tuberculosis Control for 2015-2020. The normative act aims to decrease the tuberculosis incidence and mortality, through services for prevention, detection, diagnosis, treatment and increased adherence to treatment, as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). The development of the strategy was coordinated by the Ministry […]

Stop TB Partnership launched the Global Plan

We need to do more and faster! At the current rate, it will take 167 years before we erradicate Tuberculosis. The Global Plan to End TB 2016-2020, released today by Stop TB Partnership, demands a quick paradigm shift: accelerating global interventions to eliminate tuberculosis and increasing social support for affected populations. The Global Plan is […]

Stop TB Partnership initiative reveals surprising results – 1 in 9 staff tested positive for latent TB infection

 47 Stop TB Partnership Secretariat employees, UNOPS and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria were tested last week to detect latent tuberculosis infection. 5 of them were positive. Another confirmation that tuberculosis does not discriminate and anyone can even be exposed and infected. Find out more.

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