Ministry of Health urged to hurry the approval of National Strategic Plan on HIV/AIDS 2018-2020

Our colleague, Alina Dumitriu, from Positive Sense Association, a member of the Stop TB Partnership, sent today a letter[RO] to the Ministry of Health asking for the adoption of the National Strategic Plan on HIV/AIDS 2018-2020.

The plan has been developed since last year and is the first strategic HIV/AIDS document in the last 10 years. The plan covers the lack of a National HIV/AIDS Strategy and can provide a coherent and sustainable direction to prevention services that are now overwhelmingly provided by nongovernmental organizations with international financial support.

You can sign the petition to speed up the adoption of this Plan here (only available in Romanian).

Find here the contribution of Romanian civil society to the UN Universal Periodic Review Mechanism (UNRP) and the issues identified in HIV/AIDS to which the Romanian Government must respond.