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Digital tools for monitoring TB patient adherence and barriers to accessing services

OneImpact_StopTB Partnership -Digital tool for patients, community organizations and medical staff [RO]

Presentation of medicine dispensers_Wisepill [RO]

COVID-19 Recommendations: Office of the World Health Organization Romania

Antimicrobial and COVID-19 resistance [RO]

Key Messages and Actions for the Prevention and Control of COVID-19 in Schools [RO]

How to wear a medical mask safely [RO]

Circulation of personnel during the COVID-19 epidemic [RO]

Immunity passports in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic [RO]

WHO saves lives – Clean your hands in the context of COVID-19 [RO]

The Global Plan to End TB 2016 – 2020

Mapping of Romanian TB patient’s needs Report – June 2014

GLC / Europe Mission Report, monitoring the implementation of the national M/XDR response plan – April 2012

GLC-Europe Monitoring Mission to Romania 2016.

WHO technical assistance mission on the revision of the procurement system of anti-TB drugs (2016).

Useful websites

Global TB Caucus is a unique international network of political representatives with support in more than 100 countries. Led by its members for its members, with the support of a dedicated Secretariat, the members of the Caucus work collectively and individually to end the TB epidemic. 

  • – Asociatia pentru Sprijinirea Pacientilor cu Tuberculoza Multi-drog Rezitenta

ASPTMR was founded in 2011 as a non-governmental, non-profit organization. The main activity is to focus on the needs of patients with TB and MDR-TB: their representation before the authorities. The organization is in full development, in order to meet the specific needs of patients. For the time being, it addresses the specific needs, having recently developed a strategic plan that is being implemented.

Stop TB Partnership aims to eradicate tuberculosis from the world, a curable disease that still kills three people every minute. Founded in 2001, the Partnership’s mission is to serve every person who is vulnerable to TB and to ensure that high quality treatment is available to all who need it. 

  • – Organizatia Mondiala a Sanatatii – Biroul pentru Europa

WHO is the authority responsible for public health within the United Nations system. The WHO Regional Office for Europe (WHO Europe) is one of six WHO regional offices worldwide.

An informal advocacy alliance that shares a commitment to raising awareness of tuberculosis and raising the political will to control the disease in the WHO European region and worldwide.

Results is an international NGO that aims to end extreme poverty through advocacy and campaigns.

WHO technical assistance missions on the reform of ambulatory care for patients with TB.

GLC-Europe Monitoring Mission to Romania (February – March) 2015.

Review of the national tuberculosis programme in Romania – 2014